Saturday, August 1, 2015


Most places in the world would be content with one cool castle.

Bellinzona, Switzerland, however, wouldn't settle for just one - oh no. They needed three - three (!) castles in an already gorgeous alpine valley.

This is why the average European village is better than your home town, ladies and gentlemen.

We weren't even planning to go there. A valley with three castles and all-around amazing scenery had completely slipped under our radar during our trip planning process - that's how awesome and chock-full of amazing sights Europe is.

After leaving San Marino and Rimini, I got on a train to the northern Italian city of Varese where I met my brother Matt and my nephew Lincoln. For the second time on the trip, I'm able to enjoy the increased freedom and flexibility of traveling by car.

I only had a few hours to walk around Varese, but what I saw seemed quite charming.

We stayed the first two nights in a lovely little apartment located on a mountainside in the Italian Alps. We woke up to this lovely scenery on Sunday morning:

The view from the Italian apartment where we spent a few nights.

...So we decided to head out for a drive, after a quick detour to church across the Swiss border.

Someone at church recommended Bellinzona, so away we went.

It's the Swiss Alps, so of course the drive to the town was gorgeous. Once we got there, we drove up the mountain to see the first of the town's three castles and some of the surrounding countryside.

Whoa, who's that?!

Then we go back down to the largest and most distinctive of the bunch.

Here we get out and wander around the town and the castle grounds.

It's quite imposing.

It's a very nice day.

Can I go back now?


  1. Wow what a town and amazing scenery Whoever recommended it did you guys a huge favor. Have been to Switzerland many times and have never heard of Bellinzona Wish we had and had visited it. Oh well. Absolutely love your writing and the pictures. Wish I had a tiny modicum of your writing talent.

  2. There is not one inch of Switzerland that isn't amazing. Been to every Canton and corner or La Suisse but never heard of Bellinzona. Gorgeous place. Thanks for sharing. Time to share this on Facebook.

    Love, Dad

  3. Love the picture of the old well with a bucket still hanging on it. Was that in the castle courtyard or in a neighborhood you went through?

    The picture of "who is that man" on his phone, is a great juxtaposition to all the old castles and buildings and beautiful old world scenery.

  4. Bellinzona was indeed very beautiful! I am really glad that we went there. I also am glad that Tim had a better camera than I did, so his pictures turned out really well. Also I was likely getting ready to take a picture with my phone, just in case anyone wondered.