Sunday, September 6, 2015

In Which I Travel to Yet Another World-Famous Site

There's too much to see in Europe. Unless you live there - which I hope to do some day - you've kind of gotta stick with the highlights.

So upon arriving in England, I immediately headed to Stonehenge.

Yes, Stonehenge. The site beloved by modern-day druids, practitioners of "The Mystical Arts," and woomeisters - and millions of tourists.

Stonehenge is so famous that even this random, isolated rock right next to the path has a name - the Heel Stone.
Due to the massive amount of tourism, you're no longer allowed to wander around and among the sarsens (to, uh, absorb their energies, or something.) Rather, visitors are kept at a safe distance of at least dozens of meters from the megalithic structure. This is allegedly to protect the fragile, un-excavated artifacts underfoot - but I know that it's really to keep people from discovering the Truth of the aliens who built the site and left their signature right there on the stones.

(clears throat)

Umm, so, uh, yeah.

What do you say about Stonehenge?

It's cool.

The rocks are totally big and stuff.

The surrounding scenery was very nice - big, green, open fields dotted with ancient burial mounds and who knows how many graves and ruins, many of which still haven't been excavated to this day. (In fact, even after hundreds of years of practically unceasing scientific investigation, they're still discovering new things in the area to this day.)

Oh, and there are lots of pigs. You can't forget about the pigs.*

*Pigs not pictured here.

After we left Stonehenge, we followed the signs to a place called Old Sarum - which turned out to be (in my opinion) just as cool as the much more famous site nearby.

It's an old defensive settlement - and house of royalty? - from the Middle Ages built on a hill above the modern day town of Salisbury.

The place is worn down to its foundations, but quite distinctive nonetheless.

And the view in all directions is spectacular.


  1. Mom and I first visited Stonehenge almost 40 years ago. Back then, you could walk in between the stones, touch them, etc. Your pics of the English countryside are so gorgeous. Forgotten how beautiful the UK really is. Never been to the fortress of Sarum, but it was lovely. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful memories and pictures. Love, Dad-Mom

  2. When we went to Stonehenge we could wslk right up to them and walk around and touch them .
    It was a while ago though. I am glad they are protecting them now. The drive was beautiful with thatched roof homes etc.

    The pictures of the view from the sites are amazing. Never knew Old Sarum existed wish we could have seen that too. The things we learn from your blog have me wanting to travel again.

  3. Stonehenge has always seemed a little anticlimactic to me, but seeing your pictures makes me think that the idyllic surroundings really does make it quite beautiful and striking!