Thursday, December 10, 2015


I was thinking of just skipping this post, since we didn’t spend much time here and I only ended up taking a few pictures. We got there in the evening, and then left the next morning.

But in the interest of fully documenting my trip, I decided to give it a short post anyways. There won’t be any pictures here, sorry.

Mostar, located in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia-Herzegovina, is known for its namesake bridge (Mostar literally translates to “bridge keepers”)—which, incidentally, closely resembles the bridge I visited in Shkoder.

Nearly 500 years after it was built by the Ottomans, the bridge was destroyed during the Croat-Bosniak War in 1993.

And then they rebuilt it. And now tourists and natives jump off it and into the freezing cold river below for fun—because people are crazy.

We walked across the bridge and through the old town part of the city. We also visited the Snipers Tower—a heavily shelled relic from the war. Though it no longer has walls and is filled with glass and debris, many people (illicitly) sneak onto the property and climb to the top. But that’s crazy, and I would never do it.

Anyways, you should just Google Mostar and look at some of the pictures. It’s quite a scenic city - in the right light.

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