Monday, February 1, 2016


Denmark is not my favorite place.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of cool stuff going on in Copenhagen (even if I didn’t see most of it.) Heck, there’s even a statue of the Little Mermaid.

But it’s just so d*mn expensive. Along with Dubrovnik, it’s the most expensive place I stayed on my trip. It even manages to beat out other expensive places like the UK and Iceland.

A basic meal would set me back $20—and the food wasn’t even particularly good.

But enough with the kvetching. I got to go to Denmark. I saw some cool stuff. And this visit was just a way to pass the time before Iceland anyways.

Here are the places I visited during my stay in Denmark’s capital.

Denmark Museum

A free museum that offers a comprehensive journey through Denmark’s history - you get to see everything from ancient rowships to 20th century furnishings and clothing.

Inexplicably, a group of people came in after me dressed in period attire—but they didn’t actually do anything while I was there, other than hang out and talk to each other in the lobby.

This is not, in fact, how most Danes dress in the 21st century

Church of Our Saviour

This was the coolest place I visited in the city. You travel up the church's bell tower - then you eventually find yourself outside and circling around the spire.

The further you go, the narrower the path gets—until it ends like this:

It was all somewhat vertigo inducing, but the view was something else.

“Hey Mom—I can see Sweden from here!”

A tad bit vertiginous

(X) Tower whose name I have forgotten

A palace and another opportunity for another scenic view.

In the background you can see the ├śresund Bridge, which connects Denmark with Sweden

...But I was actually most intrigued by the apparently discarded sculptures stored in the room where you wait for the elevator to go up the tower.


This is probably Copenhagen's most iconic site - and it's really just a canal lined with colorful buildings. Fun to walk along nonetheless - and a great photo opportunity.

And that was about it for Copenhagen and I. I walked everywhere rather than taking the metro, so my feet were pretty tired at this point - so I decided to chill at my hostel before my early morning flight to Reykjavik.

In other words:

After nearly 2 1/2 months, it's now time to bid farewell to continental Europe...

A strange little drawing on view outside an art gallery... That I found inexplicably hilarious

...and hello lonely volcanic island in the Atlantic.

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  1. Those colorful buildings along the canal are pretty picturesque, but I'm with you on touristy cities that charge too much just for being in their stinking city. Fie on them. And Copenhagen should just build a dam along that canal, so you can say Dam Copenhagen without asterisks.