Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Istanbul Revisited

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is it: My final blog entry about Turkey.

After leaving Cappadocia, we have just one more day to spend in the metropolis.

The sheer scale of the place still impresses during our nighttime ride from the airport. The vast, sprawling urban landscape is made even more evocative by pouring rain. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love rain? I love rain.)

This time we're staying in a trendier (i.e., dirtier) part of the city - one with fewer world-famous giant mosques and more Shake Shacks.

Having already taken care of most of the "must see" sites on our list during our first two days in the city, we enjoy the chance to wander around a bit and enjoy Istanbul's sights and sounds.

In our wanderings, we run across the 14th century Galata Tower

Then we head down to the waterfront for the obligatory Bosphorous Cruise. The cruise re-enforces our observation that Istanbul is an eminently photogenic city.

The continent spanning Bosphorous Bridge. Europe on the left, Asia on the right.. 

After the cruise, we visit the spice market and shop for souvenirs.

As evening falls, we test our night photography skills

...And then it's time to say good night to Constantinople.


Our time in Turkey has drawn to a close. But fear not, dear reader! There is more - much, much more - to come. Up next? I fly 1,000 miles west to encounter: Religion! Nudity! More crowds than a boy can handle! And more! 

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  1. it truly is a beautiful photogenic city. Love the pictures. Maybe I will get there someday. (Not likely) I would say your nighttime photography skills are quite good. Look forward to the next posts.