Friday, June 5, 2015

Special Report: The Cats of Turkey

Turkey has a stray cat (and dog) problem. The filthy, adorable creatures are everywhere. Istanbul alone is home to an estimated 100,000+ stray dogs, and who knows how many hundreds of thousands of cats.

I kind of love cats (so do most tourists, as it turns out), so I couldn't help but pester every poor, innocent feline I came across by snapping a million and a half photos.

There's just something inherently striking and photogenic about a cat walking nonchalantly among some ancient ruins or lounging on a fallen Roman column.

So to honor all those strays - and to give me something to do with all these cat pictures - here is a blog post dedicated entirely to pictures of Turkey's cats.

Google helpfully created this GIF for me automatically. 

"Can't a guy (or gal) bathe in peace?"

Oh hai there!

"Excuse me while I scratch my face against this 2,000 year old column."

"D'you think you've got enough pics of us yet, silly human?"

This Cappadocian cat had a great routine - jump into my lap for a few minutes, jump down and take a walk around the hotel lobby for a few minutes, then jump back up for some more tlc.
...And, to bring things full circle, a picture of me taking a picture of a cat.
There are eight million (give or take a few million) cats in Turkey - this has been the story of just a few of them.

...And thus ends my shameless ploy to draw internet traffic with pictures of cute cats.


  1. Holy cow--the picture moves! That is cool! You've got a great eye for photographing cats. Do I sense a new career move in the future?

  2. That last comment was really from me (Lara).

  3. The cats are so cute! You got some good shots of them!